Financial Consultancy

Using a value-based service approach, our well seasoned financial consultants armored with vast experience and knowledge provide; unparalleled, financially sound advice and tailored solutions to our diverse clientele.
We aim to provide you with a service that incorporates a consistent and repeatable process as majority of our clients are referrals from existing clients and professional connections.

Our Financial Consultancy Services
A business plan is a complete description of a business giving information on the product or service and aims at identifying if the business idea in question is worth pursuing.
Many at times, people establish businesses haphazardly without being keen on formulating business plans only to get their fingers burnt along the way.
At Tyler and Jermaine Financial Consultants Co. Ltd we provide an effective and comprehensive business plan to suit different needs, circumstances and budgets.
A good business plan helps in identifying; the appropriate target market, competition, business objectives, and ways of achieving those objectives and strategies to employ in order to keep your business afloat.
A financial feasibility analysis provides in-depth insight into a business’ financial future. It precedes project implementation and evaluates the project’s potential for success. It is done to ensure that the project is viable; financially, legally and operationally.
A financial feasibility analysis highlights the following:
 Information on expenditure and gives an indication on whether costs can be met within the budget
 Identification of risks involved and ways of mitigating such risks
 Rate of Return on Investment (ROI)
 Expected cash flows
 Constraints which may cause the project to be halted.
They say “money is the root to all evil” but we believe it’s the solution to most problems. We help source for funds for potential business owners from commercial banks and other financial institutions. This helps in rolling out major projects and ensuring successful completion of projects.
We restructure the client by:-
 Developing a sound business plan.
 Carrying out a financial feasibility study to analyse viability of a proposed project.
We facilitate remission of VAT and Duty payable on: import of capital goods, equipment, furniture and fittings for hotels and learning institutions.
Policy formulation is done to come up with control measures to be implemented in companies or businesses to help cushion them against fraud perpetrated by employees, investors and other service providers.